The Competition Will Point It Out. Is That A Bad Thing?

Yes, Precision Door Service is part of the leading national garage door company in the country.  Across the country, we are in over 1200 garages a day. The franchise was opened in Portland/Vancouver in 2000 and purchased in 2003 by Stan & Kim Prosser, local hands-on owners.  They had successfully worked and owned previous local businesses, and have many years of experience in construction, managements, sales, marketing, finance, human relations, production and distribution.  It is locally managed, and we make our own financial decisions.

We feel that being a part of a nationwide group of local garage door dealers has a huge benefit to both us and our customers. As a small business owner, being able to reach out to fellow owners in different markets to discuss ideas, challenges and help each other is a huge thing.  The franchisor has a very strong emphasis on quality and reputation. They maintain very strict standards for the ethical operation of all of the Precision Door franchises across the country. They also do their own customer satisfaction surveys to ensure the quality of the Precision Door brand is not tarnished.  Our customers can be assured that the warranty they have will be honored today and tomorrow, even if the present owners leave the business. You will not get that with a local company that closes its doors. Yes, we pay a modest royalty, but we believe that we get much more back in support to enhance our business and our team.

Lastly, we are able to take advantage of national contracts with key garage door and operator vendors, ensuring favorable pricing, and prompt attention to warranty claims. This also greatly benefits our customers to help get any vendor warranty claims handled quick and easy.